About Us

Hello Everyone and welcome to Molson Runner Sleds!  We are a family-owned small business located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  The two owners, Mike & Kellen Huebner, are a father and son team that hand craft each sled using only domestic materials and manufacturing sources.

Our sleds are safe, fast, and designed to last a lifetime.  They are the top-of-the-line snow sled for performance, appearance, and durability.  Many runner sleds have been banned in various states due to the sharp edges of their runners.  The Molson Runner Sled's runner design incorporates a smooth radius on both sides to prevent any sharp-edge injury to the rider.  Our sleds have been tested with well over 1000lbs and have the highest weight limit of any sled at 500lbs.  The performance of the Molson Runner Sled will not disappoint.  They are fast right out of the box and can have wax applied to the runners if you really want a thrill!  Our Premium Snow Sled carries a timeless look on a classic design that has stood the test of time when it comes durability and performance.  As a bonus, they won't be an eye sore when you store them for the summer or bring them in for the night after a great day of sledding.  They can be found in many customer's winter cabins as a decorative item and great conversation piece.

We want to share the fun and adventure of snow-sledding with all of you and we absolutely stand behind the quality of our products.  Our lifetime warranty against craftsmanship and material defects are a testiment to the sleds.  We use premium-quality materials and renewable resources to produce our sleds.  Begin your lifetime of winter family fun with Molson Runner Sleds and pass the enjoyment down through the generations!  Buy yours today!

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Thank you for visiting us and Pray For Snow!

-Kellen & Mike Huebner