The Sleds

The Molson Runner Sleds "Alpine Classic" model blends style and function together into one great package!  They are extremely strong, fast, and designed to bring a lifetime of winter enjoyment!

The following features provide additional capability and durability over traditional sleds:

  • Our sled incorporates aircraft grade (6061-T6) aluminum runners and frame components which are low-weight and high-strength in nature. 
  • The 2.5" wide runners allow the sleds to be used on a variety of terrain from hard pack to soft powder snow. 
  • The runners can be waxed for the specific snow condition, or used as is.  
    • 4" runner option coming soon!
  • Sturdy nylon tow rope
  • Dimensions:  53" x 16" x 7"
  • Weight:  17lbs
  • 500 lb weight limit
  • Side tubes are 1" diameter for easy gripping, mounting of GoPro, Contour, or similar video cameras, and securing loads.
  • Hard-anodized aluminum provides high corrosion resistance and a beautiful appearance.
  • Sled deck is polyurethane coated LEED certified Bamboo; a naturally beautiful and strong material that is rapidly renewable.

Steering:  The Alpine Classic is steered by combining runner articulation and skid-steering technique.  Skid-steering is the practice of dragging your foot on the side you wish to turn.  Hop-steering is also very effective when sledding on groomed runs or hard pack. Watch the videos within our website for some examples.
All components of the sled are designed and built to withstand a lifetime of use, however should any parts ever be damaged, they are fully replaceable. 

Care:  Our runner sled is designed to withstand a lifetime of use and a few simple steps will get it there in fashion.

  1. After use, wipe off any visible snow and bring indoors (garage, porch, anywhere out of the elements), prop up, or hang up to allow the snow/water to run off the sled.
  2. Be sure there is sufficient snow coverage to ensure the sled runners do not contact terra firma.  This will prevent any scratching or damage to the sled runners.

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