Alpine Classic Snow Sled

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Product Overview

Our premium metal runner snow sled, The Alpine Classic, blends timeless style with unmatched performance in a nearly indestructible design.  It handles everything from gentle slopes to extreme runs and will keep you coming back for more year after year! 

Create new traditions with friends and family through winter's best pastime and keep those memories alive for generations with this heirloom quality sled!

Warranty Information

All Molson Runner Sleds come with a 10 year warranty against performance-limiting manufacturing and material defects.


(4 reviews) Write a Review

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    I can't imagine a better sled

    Posted by Jeremy Hutson on 13th Feb 2019

    This truly is an heirloom quality product. Very high quality and true craftmanship is obvious immediately. I'm glad to support small companies like this, that don't farm out their production overseas, sacrificing quality and our economy in the process. I can't imagine, with necessary care of course, this not lasting my lifetime, and down to our grandkids (someday). My family and I enjoyed riding it today on a fantastic sledding hill. It rides wonderfully, and it does turn easily and is responsive, once you learn to use the steering and foot method. I feel completely safe on it, as does my wife and our kids. The sled has every indication of being overbuilt, which is a good thing. Buy the right product once, and save yourself the frustration of heading to your local bigbox store a few times each season to replace that crummy plastic sled that broke after one use. And in turn, save our planet! So, someday in the near future, we will seek out the best sledding hills around Michigan. I really look forward to that! For now, consider me a very satisfied customer. There's another one in our future, at some point; not that we would really need it, but it's the best sled I've ever ridden, that's for sure. Nice job Mike and Kellen. Our Molson Runner Sled shipped and arrived fairly quickly after ordering, and arrived in perfect, ready to use condition.

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    Highest Quality - American Craftmanship

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Jan 2017

    Having heard about the sled, I called the company to learn more. They were extremely helpful and answered all of my questions thoroughly. The sleds were shipped on time and we had a blast using them on our ski vacation. These are top line sleds, very robust and very, very fast. They are well worth the price. Happy sledding.t

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    2nd Molson Alpine!

    Posted by Karl on 15th Jan 2016

    I had written a review last year based upon my experience with the Molson with 2 1/2" runners on packed snow. I had "gifted" this sled to a good friend of mine and based upon their experience the two of us had in sledding, I just had to have my own which I purchased several months ago. Now I also purchased two sets of the wider runners which, I suspect, will provide for more boyancy (ride on top of the snow as opposed to digging in) in less hard snowpack but, I have been unable to "test" this probabilty since we have not had any decent snow yet in NE Pennsylvania. Suffice it to say that the 2 1/2 runners did fine for my buddy who is a good 60 pounds less in weight than I (and I weigh in excess of 200 pounds) as well as myself, again recognizing we sledded on packed snow, that particular area having significant use by snowmobilers. I'll keep you posted when it snows decently for a comparison!

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    Remarkably beautiful as well as remarkably performing!!

    Posted by Karl on 15th Feb 2015

    I have several rather expensive snow "sleds" and am an avid sleigher when my "neck of the woods" (NE Pennsylvania) gets enough snow ground cover to do so. I was surfing the net, came upon this sled and initially thought it was waaay too much to spend. I bit the bullet and bought one. When I received it I thought it was almost too beautiful to use but boy, was I ever wrong! I had it out yesterday and, it's absolutely the best performing (as well as best looking!) sled I have ever used! It is absolutely incredible!!! Snow conditions were 5-6 inches of powder with a hard crust having been pulverized by a number of snowmobiles. Grade of 35-40 degrees. I'm 63, in pretty fair shape ( I made about 8 1/2 mile runs) but this "sled" scared the crap out of me!! It was GREAT!!! If you want THE BEST, this is it!!